All In One 300-1223 in September and after two months and a few problems it suddenly quit. Weeks on phone while techs tried to tell me first that it was software and sell me $300.

worth, then said it was my surge protector, then new keyboard and mouse, then my electrical outlet etc. Had them all tested and they are fine. Then after alot of calls to my "case manager" I was told I had to return it for repairs---I did, it came back and worked 5 minutes, then went black again. Sent it back a second time for repairs, again worked 5 minutes and went black again.

Now they tell me my only option is to return if for third time for repairs---both times before they told me they could find nothing wrong with it, This is a scam, they know this product is defective and do not want to take responsibility. Bought at Sams Club and they also refuse to do anything because there warranty was 3 months and during repair period at HPO their warranty expired.

Have sent certified letters twice with lots of documentation to Pres of HP--no response. Have also sent letters to CEO of Sams Club, Walmart and to local store manager--no response from anyone, they just don't care!

I don't want this product, I want a refund but their warranty is some kind of a joke game, they do not want to honor it and I think they know the product is a dud and they are just messing with me until warranty finally runs out!

Can't get help from anyone! :(

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HP batteries stink. I never got more than 1 hour 45 minutes then after the 1 year warranty expired, DAYS to be exact the battery life went down to 15 minutes. It says fully charged or it drops from 100% full to empty within 15 minutes.


Sams Club has no responsibility you could have returned it to them from the begining all they do is return it to HP themselves after three months they can't get their money back so why should they lose their money your problem is with hp not sams club.

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