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Just a word to the wise, I will never purchase another HP Laptop or PC they do not last more than 6mths to 1yr without need of repair. When they do fail it is always something you can't repair yourself. Costing you much more than it's worth.

I have purchased 3 laptops and one PC all of which have needed multiple repairs beyond thier value. HP even went as far as trying to accuse me of spilling something on the mother board just so they would not have to replace my $900 laptop in for now the third repair.

My extended warranty, with Office Depot covered what they said was a bad motherboard due to my negligence, which ended up being a back-light out. I will never buy anything from this company again. Thier staff is not well trained in repairing or troubleshooting.

You will get the run-a-round, especially if they have to shell out any money or replace the item. Do yourself a favor and make sure you take pics before you ever send it off for repairs and to be a really smart consumer don't purchase thier brand at all! Kimberly Presley 11-1-2011

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I also purchased an HP laptop computer, which died and needed the motherboard replaced at 10 months, which was covered by a 1 year extended warranty I had purchased. Then, within 6 months, the laptop died again, and I have found that the HP Pavilion computers are famous, or infamous, for their motherboard failures.

Of course, this is now out of warranty. I will never purchase an HP or Compac computer again.

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