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I bought some hp headphones with a 1 year warranty. The volume started going out in one ear so I called tech support to have them repaired/replaced. They cannot do so without a serial number. There is no serial number printed on the headphones (and who saves a headphone box?). I was asked to be transferred to a supervisor. They cant do that without a ticket number. Creating a ticket number requires, you guessed it, a serial number.

This makes perfect sense with printers, monitors, and computers, but you should be able to replace some headphones without a serial number. Have you heard of order numbers or part numbers hp? These are numbers other companies use to actually help you. Will not be ordering from hp ever again.

Oh and if you can't do anything to help, don't waste an hour out of my day while you "check on something" or transfer me to another department that "can help me."

Monetary Loss: $20.

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