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I purchased an HP 9000 in November of 2006 and in less then 6 months it crashed 3 times, not to mention that at least twice a week I had to pull the battery to discharge the static in the computor.
After sitting on the phone for 15 minutes I finally get someone on the phone with an accent so thick I chav a problem understanding them as well as them understanding me and at the end of an hour I'm told I have to send the computor back. After 10 days I finally get it back with a new system board or so the form says.
To make a long story shorter, you guessed it, it crashes again with a trip back to HP for repair only this time they supposedly replace the mother board AND the hard drive after me putting a note in the box asking them NOT to touch the hard drive and to return it to me.
This is where it gets good. After it crashes a THIRD time I'm really unhappy now and start calling to get a refund for this piece of equipment that is best suited for a paper weight and am givien a case manager to help me with my issue. The case manager has the perfect solution, I can have this fixed a third time or just keepn it because HP has a no refund policy no matter how *** the product is, and won't give me a new computor. It seems they feel that because they will repair it every time it crashes for the first year that that is good enough and you can put up with the inconvience of sending it back over and over. I for on don't even believe that you are important to HP as a valued customer, once they have your money and you accept thier LIMITED WARRENT which should be the first alarm as to how well the product is.
I will sign this and don't care who sees it. Greg Buell, Sr

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I hear your pain! I got burned with an HP 6910us Laptop. Lasta couple days passed the *** limited 1 year warranty. Call them and they want ME to pay them to fix it, LOL! I tell anyone and EVERYONE that HP's products are garbage and NOT to waste their hard earned money on it.

This company will eventually falter, it's just a matter of time because they sell inferior laptops and God knows what else. I have a 7 year old Dell Desktop that works better than my slightly over 1 year old HP LapTop!

Hang in there and watch for the day when HP will be begging for a BAIL OUT!!! :(

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