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We bought an HP e-all-in-one Photosmart 7520 approximately two days ago, only to find out it has a serious flaw apparently common to this product line (http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Printing-Questions/HP-Photosmart-7520-Power-Issues/td-p/2306929): in order to turn it on, we have to unplug it from the outlet and plug it back in.

I called customer support, and after about ten minutes (and having to deal with one of those *** automated answering services) was directed to the mac branch of support. I don't own a mac and had previously stated that I owned a windows PC. I was re-directed and had to wait another 20 minutes.

When I finally got into contact with a representative, he hung up on me in the middle of the call. I had to call AGAIN and wait ANOTHER half hour to get into contact with a representative who apparently barely speaks English. I began the trouble-shooting process with him and was instructed to tap three icons on my printer screen in a specific order. I did so, with no result. He instructed me to try again, three times. The same result occurred: NONE.

When I told him this, he said this: "Well, you must be doing something wrong, because I've done this a thousand times and it solves the problem..." After a brief discussion, he said he wanted to try doing a firmware update, and asked if he could call me back in ten minutes. I agreed. He never called back.

I called yet again and circumvented the answering service by demanding an operator. I was put into contact with one and asked to speak with a manager. She said she would direct me to the printer department. I told her that no, I wanted to be put in contact with a manager in charge of HP customer service. She ignored me and transferred me again, forcing me to wait another twenty minutes.

I called AGAIN and finally managed to make my way to a manager who assured me he would personally handle my case... before putting me on hold for another half hour. By this point, I had been dealing with the problem for three hours. I hung up the phone, and returned the printer. I will NEVER buy another HP product, and I would advise anyone else reading this to take the same stance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hewlett Packard Printer.

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