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Purchased a New HP Pavilion Entertainment PC Notebook with Integrated Webcam, Model# dv6910us, July 2008. Did not purchase an extended warranty because thought "HP" was a dependable brand that would last at least 3 years at which time most people purchase newer and better notebooks when it dies. I was wrong to put my faith in Hewlett Packard's product!!!

Right after the "1 Year" Warranty expired, approx 2 weeks out, problems!!! battery would get so hot that it would shut down the notebook and we couldn't even power it back on until late the next day! Searched online and found numerous other customers with the same problem dating back at least a year and a recall on their "select" battery packs had been issued. My particular batter pack; "65035N7B7W7S6N " is conveniently for them not on the list!! For my family's safety against the reported "fire potential" I had to completely remove it and use outlet power. So I have an open back notebook for dust to collect in, yay!

Very "Popular" problem #2! Notebook cam with an integrated webcam; Cyberlink Youcam. Again, shortly after that famous 1 year warranty; No Webcam ability Anymore! It simply disappeared!! Don't know if the overheating battery burned something or what But I simply keep getting the message that "no webcam is detected!" Looked in my computer devices..not there! The driver is simply gone! Found countless other customers online with same problem so why is Hp Not Listening and correcting their substandard notebooks?!

Furious, I finally called HP's US Tech Support at 1 800-474-6836 today 5/5/2010 after months of researching online to try to see if they offered an updated driver for the disappearing one, patch or something. I also kept checking and waiting for my dangerous battery to be listed on the recall no avail!

After finally getting past the Tech Support guy who was offering me a discount from $300+ to $290.00 to fix my $760.00 notebook! I finally was connected with a "Tech Support Manager." His name was "Shawn" and he was just as useless as the tech guy! He again said that since I had not purchased an extended plan "they would Not fix it for less than the $290.00 and that was the Best he could do!!!"

What?! Me pay to fix a laptop that was substandard to began with? Stay away from Hp Notebooks. My 7 year old Dell Desktop has not given me any problems other being , naturally, a little slow due to age! My opinion of this scam is that Hp wants you to buy the extended warranties so that they can continue to earn money off suckers like me who buy their substandard notebooks with warranty work. Isn't it just a little "eyebrow raising" that the problems began to occur 2 weeks after their Warranty Expired? Hmmmm! I Will Never Buy another Hp product and make sure I let friends and family know to avoid them as well! In these economic times who has the money to go out and spend another $760.00 on a new laptop? I don't.

I found numerous stories online during my research on the above 2 problems as well as others where HP's products are concerned. If you have had similar issues, please join me on "*** Consumer." I will be creating other website complaints like this so that other pissed off consumers can come together and perhaps go after Hp in the form of a class action lawsuit to replace our poorly made products that they refuse to stand behind! Join me her or on my other web pages!! Thank You!

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My HP/CQ battery died a few days after the warranty expired. No problems at all.

Now the warranty has expired I'm lucking to get 15 minutes off an overheating battery. I know many who have had Dell laptops and their batteries have lasted over 5 years.

Since Toshiba and Lenovo are starting to make cheaper laptops I doubt my next laptop will be an HP/Compaq.

The new HP batteries are half as much as new low priced laptop. Since I'm over halfway to buying a new laptop I think I will instead of an HP battery.


Keep spreading the word about HP's garbage they are selling. It makes me so angry that my hard earned money was taken in rough economic times!

It even seems that they are so used to people calling to complain that they have a ready reply for you...we can repair it for you for the discounted rate of $290.00!! I said WHAT!!! This company is shameful! I will continue to WARN anybody and everybody NOT to buy HP products even if they are not in the process of looking to buy what HP sells.

It's for LATER if they consider it! Each person I can save from making the same mistake I did, in thinking that HP sells quality products, will make me feel better!


yep. I had the same problem of an overheating battery with my HP.

It worked fine and then one day just died.

It turned out the motherboard got fried. I will never buy another HP and have told everyone I know.

BTW, I bought a $500 Toshiba and it works great!


Wow, I had similar problems! HP is asking for a law suit, I'm IN! I'll send you my contact info!

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