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I have a 3 year old HP Pavilion DV6T laptop that is a lemon, and I'm having trouble in my dealings with HP. After many online repair sessions and two trips back to HP failed, I am requesting a replacement but they will only try to repair it yet again.

Without going into all of the details, the computer has had a problem with overheating almost from day one, and as time passes it gets progressively worse such that we cannot watch a video, use Photoshop Elements, or sometimes even scroll through a very long page without the core reaching critical temperature. (I have installed CoreTemp to keep an eye on the core temperature and put it to sleep when it reaches 95 degrees C.)

Luckily, we purchased a 4 year "Care Pack" warranty with the computer. During our first year of ownership, we tried several times to get it fixed by letting HP support remotely fiddle with the machine, updating the BIOS and etc. It is a hardship for us to return it and be without a computer for several weeks, so we limped along for the first year and finally sent it back after one year for repair.

Within a few months the same problem had returned. We again tried remote repair, and again limped along until the summer when we had time to be without the thing. It took much work and many hours on the phone but they finally agreed to repair it again. They promised that THIS TIME they would go over every component and replace everything that might possibly cause the problem, so that it would not recur yet again. (This 2nd time, they again replaced the fan, and this time also the motherboard and the HDD.)

Again it worked OK for a few months (still very hot but not shutting down) and then the same problem returned for a third time. Again I waited till the summer (and until we could obtain a second computer) and have now contacted HP again.

I insisted to the service department that the computer was fundamentally flawed in a way that defied their repair attempts, and that I did not want another repair, but rather a replacement with a roughly comparable refurbished machine. They 'escalated' my complaint to the Case Management department.

The case managers (one plus a "second opinion" form another) refuse to give me a replacement, but only another repair. They also flatly refuse to let me speak to their supervisor or anyone with more authority!

It seems extremely clear to me that this machine is fundamentally flawed - a lemon - and that providing a replacement is the right thing for HP to do. The people at HP who I have spoken to even seem to agree with that; however, the case managers insist that this is not something that they can do, and that the warranty only allows for repair.

I have sent them an excerpt from the warranty which states that HP has the option to repair or replace the computer, but they have not responded to me.

I have always like HP for their reasonable prices, and even after this problem machine, I would still have liked them if they had acted responsibly. But after this experience, I am on a crusade to tell everyone I can never to puchase from HP again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hewlett Packard Laptop.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada #1230491

I received a "popup" from HP saying," We *** no longer support your HP products, so we will give you special discounts". I opened a chat line and told them to go to "L" , the line closed.

Reno, Nevada, United States #785342

all HP laptops in the dv series overheat I went to Acer after 3 HP's and am really happy I swithed.

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