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I have purchased at least six HP Office Jet printers over the last ten years. I always buy the higher end machines because I don't want to buy one every time the toner runs out.

I expect these machines to handle a few pages a day for several years and I always get some error code just after the warranty ends.

This week my HP Office Jet 8725 started telling me the Print Head appeared to be missing. The HP website suggests moving the latch up, repositioning the head, and closing the latch as well as recycling the power.

It oddly worked after recycling the power for one print. The next time I needed a print it was back to the same error, I did the routine again and I got one more print. Each time I thought, well it's a fluke and working now. HAHA. The piece of junk insists the printhead is missing and I even got a warning to use genuine HP cartridges one time and they are all HP cartridges. Sadly, I just spent $130.00 for for 952 XL cartridges which are now money in the GARBAGE CAN.

I called HP which was a joke in itself as the automated system tries to force you to resolve your problem on their website as if we are too stupid to have tried that first. Then it can't hear your voice commands.

The fellow that eventually answered passed me to a technician. The technical asked me for a case number which I did not have.

He started off telling me that once he resolves the problem that I can buy an extended warranty. I found that odd, but I guess they resolve most of the Bozo issues and then upsell the consumer something they never wanted.

I explained I did all the steps online and the printhead error remains. None the less, he takes me through the whole process again. The result is, my printer is 31 days out of warranty (13 months) and I need to buy a new printer which he can help me with!!!!!!!! The option to extend the warranty suddenly vanished since it was now outside the warranty period; but if it were working, it was proposed that I buy the extended warranty, so this is consumer rape.

The printers are online and they know every detail of the product status, they even knew my name and email just from the phone number I called in on.

I hereby give up HP printers for the rest of my life, Epson and Cannon and others here I come after all these years, HP has gone from a great company to low quality, maximum profit, designed for obsolescence business model.

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I had the same experience. Two printers -- warrantied for one year -- both failed after around 18 months.

Avoid HP printers.

They are poorly designed, poorly made, poorly supported. The company is awful.

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