My mother had the misfortune of subscribing to HP SmartFriend. This India-based service's call logs appear to have been compromised.

Every time she called for service, she received subsequent bogus calls from technicians purporting to be with SmartFriend, but definitely weren't as we verified later. Their objective was to steal any private information on her computer and, because the scam calls came at the same time she called for service, they knew her guard was down.

Do NOT subscribe to HP SmartFriend. If you're skeptical about this review, search the Internet for the plethora of complaints from so many dissatisfied customers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hewlett Packard Smartfriend Technical Support.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $200.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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SCAM. Broke my Firefox browser and other website 3 times after 5 hours on phone with incompetent and dishonest reps who hung up after break my browser. LIED about trying to call back


HP SmartFriend is a complete scam they need a law suite for what they are doing to the customers! I called them trying to cancel my subscription and the guy told me that they can’t do it at this moment and they will call me in 24 to 72hrs!!!

It’s a joke!!!

I tried to change my payment method and the system didn’t allow me saying there is an error try again later!! Wthhh is this scam


I use to work for HP Smartfriends. I have 20+ years of computer support experience, and it was a decent job when I needed one.

The service is 100% USA based techs, so if you got someone in India it was a fake (Such as 123-hp-smartfriends). It is outsourced, ran by a company called Plumchoice in Massachusetts.

The techs work from their own home and not in a call center. It actually pays a "living wage" and requires a minimum of A+ certification.


Trying to cancel their service is a nightmare. I still have not accomplished it.

They claim to not be able to contact me to confirm cancellation.

They have all my contact information. I love their computers and printers, but their tech service is a nightmare.



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