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Over the last 3 months I have received 3 of your Office Pro Printers, and I am now waiting on the 4th one. The printer I am currently waiting to replace is a Model 9019 All in One.

I have had this printer for roughly 2 ½ weeks before it decided not to work.

My utter disgust with your company and a lot of the people who work for you keeps growing by the day.

My 1st printer, worked fine for about 6 months, and then it just quit.

After many hours and days talking with your so-called tech support people, they finally decided to send me another printer, however the new printer did not come with a print head, I had to put the old print head in the new printer. Guess what, it still didnt work. The next step was to send me a new print head. Nope no good either.

Counting my original purchase, I have now received a 2nd printer, and a second print head.

Next, I received my 3rd printer, Model 9019 All in One, Serial No.

TH13Q870B7. As previously stated, this one worked great for about 2 ½ weeks, and crash here we go again.

I am now waiting for printer No. 4 . Which !

was charged $15.00 for overnight delivery which was supposed to arrive today 9/22/2021. At 3:30 this afternoon I called to inquire about the printer, and they could not even give me a tracking number because it was not shipped yet. ( I cant wait to see if it has a print head Thats the problem, I cant get the print head or the ink cartridges out of the printer )

Through all of this, from early July to today, the 22nd of September, I have had to deal with not only incompetence, but with people whom: 1. An answering machine that is programmed to stall and keep the customer waiting 2 Over a 3 month period I have yet to talk to someone who can actually speak good English 2.

People who are working from home and have a baby sitting on their lap, or a dog barking, or wait, its quitting time, so they hang up on me.

Lastly, every time I get to talk to a tech, instead of asking about my problem, it is more important to find out if I am signed up for instant ink.

They have sent me about 2 years worth of ink that is worthless with my printer. I am signed up and have credit for 2 years worth of ink that I will never get or use.

I bought the original printer in October of 2020, it is now September of 2021, and I am waiting on my 3rd replacement printer.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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