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Logging on to the HP site with a new temporary password is so obtuse because they are so complex they make me feel stupid. No computer interface should ever make a customer feel stupid.

I was ready to stop the conversation with your representative I got so mad and frustrated. He was very calm and professional.

But before I spoke with your representative I was on HOLD with your system, apologizing again and again for the fact that I was on hold and asked for my patience.

The reason that I was on HOLD was because I wanted to alert you and the company that your virtual assistant could not help me at all! She did not understand that all I wanted to do was change the address where you send the InstaInk for my printer.

It took me 45 minutes with the HP interface and your representative to accomplish that simple task.

What a waste of my time.

I'm a Professional Engineer in Ohio and I usually bill clients $150/hour for my time.

You need to do better! That's my professional advice at no charge.

Soren Hansen, P.E.

User's recommendation: I will hesitate to suggest HP because of its opaque interface.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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