I have been working with a HP tech (????....) 4 -5 - 6 hours, I've lost track to fix my Slate Tablet. I down load an app.

It works on wifi but not off line. In her efforts to fix this with her directions I downloaded three more apps (they were just examples, I didn't want them). Afterwards I (and her) couldn't de-download them. Two of them show up on the "my books" menu.

The third one does not show at all anywhere, I even gave "buy" info even though it was free. She cannot fix this.

My second complaint is waking me up. One morning at 6:30 AM, the next day at 6:50 AM. She had to call me back but at a later time.

We did establish I was in PACIFIC STANDARD TIME. The calls were from Georgia, 678-288-0226.

Both times waking me up and not leaving any voice mail.

I tried calling HP but they wouldn't connect me to a MANAGER. Everyone I talked to had a foreign accent and I could not understand them

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