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Has anybody ever felt ripped off by the small quantity of ink in home desktop printers? Every time I run out of ink in my good HP printers, I have been lately refilling them because they are so expensive.

It can be very messy if not careful. I feel the printer manufactures are doing to us like the auto manufactures used to do with their gas mileage per gallon ratio per car.

I believe this is why we don't get larger ink containers in our home printers. Please help me shout "We are not going to take it anymore"

Review about: Hewlett Packard Ink Cartridge.

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While I can't say I know for certain how much the manufacturers make on them, I do know that retailers dont make any money on printers... at all.

So they try to make up for that with the ink..

If they make the cartridges too high yeild, you wont be going in to buy any more, stores would loose even more money, and so on.

Also, if you want a printer with reasonable ink, you can't buy a cheap printer. Thats just how it is, the cheaper the printer, the more the ink will be.

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