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I bought a HP Envy 4 notebook and I have had nothings but problem with it. The final blow was the “blue screen of death”.

HP technical support was often hard to communicate with – although they were very polite. Many times promised return called were never made by them. When I was finally able to speak to a supervisor I was told that he did not have the authority to resolve my problem.

I am now in court trying to get my money back. I bought it on line from Office Depot and they tried to resolve the problem but was unsuccessful.

Monetary Loss: $540.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #695551

One of the things companies like HP count on, is that since most of us cannot afford/know how to sue in Federal district court, they believe themselves "safe" from litigation because they are not physically "in" many state and so you cannot sue them.


You can sue any STORE that sells their products and I heartily recommend doing just that. This forces them to respond with VERY expensive attorneys. Be aware that if they don't settle, you need to either be prepared to lose (and take the hit on your credit if they pursue it). Likely, when you take it that far, they will settle.

Sue them in small claims, which forces them to take it to the county court level, costing them more money, BTW.

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